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Adam writes the review of Alice in Earnestland (2015) or: Why We All Have to Learn Our Native Sign Language Even If It Ruins a Certain Plot Device.He also reviews Spa Night (2016), Andrew Ahn's feature debut about a Korean-American teenage spa worker struggling with his sexual and cultural identity.

Kyu Hyun reviews the summer-season martial arts epic Memories of the Sword with Jeon Do-yeon and Lee Byung-heon, and The Chronicles of Evil, an unexpected sleeper with Son Hyun-joo as a police detective forced to investigate a murder he himself committed inadvertently.

Kyu Hyun regrets to inform the readers that his blog Q Branch is down again due to a viral attack.

For the time being, he has set up a mirror site at the following address: qkoreanfilmorg.

Please drop by to check with his activity at the mirror site, until any further announcement.

It's been years since we've had a festival report here at, with Darcy and other contributors often involved in writing for other publications.

Darcy reviews three films from early 2014: Miss Granny, a smash hit comedy from January; Venus Talk, starring the great actresses Moon So-ri, Uhm Jung-hwa and Cho Min-soo; and the melancholy thriller Broken, with Jeong Jae-young.

With its upcoming screenings at the 57th San Francisco International Film Festival (April 25-May 8th), Adam provides his thoughts on Hong Sangsoo's Our Sunhi (2013), which won Hong the Silver Leopard for Best Director at the 66th Locarno International Film Festival. Ahn Kearn-hyung Looking over my list, I see that I've gone totally low-budget this year.Adam reviews Perfect Game (2011), a film based on one of the greatest rivalries in Korean pro baseball history, while Kyu Hyun reviews The Terror Live (2013), a slick thriller putting terror bombings on live TV news show. If you take out Sunny and Punch -- which themselves are only mid-sized commercial works -- the combined production budgets of the remaining eight films probably amounts to less than So Ji-sub's acting fee for Always. Hong Sang-soo has never made a bad film, but I think The Day He Arrives is going to remain a highlight of his filmography for me.Celebrating the Korean New Year's Holiday, Adam reviews Kim Soo-yong's Kinship (1963), which doesn't embrace patriarchal intolerance but delves into communal efforts to rebuild a new community in postwar Korea. Beginning with Kyu Hyun's review of the music video of I am the Best (2011) by 2NE1, we will review music videos of Korean musicians, as extensions of 'motion pictures' rather than as by-products or promotion materials of the music industry. I hear many of the director's ardent fans saying similar things.But this year, we have a report from the Busan International Film Festival focusing on Korean debut features.It will continue to be updated over the next week or two with comments from a variety of contributors. Kyu Hyun reviews two psychological thriller-horror films, each anchored by a riveting central performance: Ko Ah-sung's as a young intern who bears witness to some inter-corporate injustice in Office and Ma Dong-seok's as a psychotic chicken soup chef in Deep Trap.Kyu Hyun reviews a fictional offshoot of Park Jin-Pyo's Voice of a Murderer, Blood and Ties (2013), starring Son Ye-jin and Kim Kap-soo, and Kim Sung-ho's utterly charming family film How to Steal A Dog (2014), adapted from Barbara O'Connor's novel.