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LMC Audio supports Scan Audio in providing flexible solution A Martin Audio Omni Line system has recently been installed in the Ivor Crewe Lecture Hall (ICLH)) at Essex University.Supplied by LMC Audio and installed by Scan Audio, the micro-line array system was identified as being the perfect solution for the application, from the word go.

“I first saw the product at ISE and spoke with technical staff from Martin Audio about the specific problems we have with the 1,000 seat lecture theatre — namely hard surfaces, and the fact that the only place to hang speakers was behind the microphones, causing the resultant feedback headaches.”She continued, “There was no question in my mind that this difficult problem needed to be solved once and for all.Martin Audio were the first people who actually appeared to understand my problems, and had the technology to ensure that the installation would be carried out correctly, first time.”The resulting Omni Line sale of 64elements was handled by LMC Audio London, where Technical Sales Supervisor, Sam Simon-Norris, oversaw the project.Following an initial visit from Martin Audio’s Peter Child to discuss Omni Line, it quickly became obvious to him that this was the perfect system to install at the ICLH.“With fantastic sound and sleek styling, I could see that it would complement the contemporary nature of the building brilliantly,” he stated.The Omni Line system will primarily be used for voice amplification in the theatre, which is used for high profile graduation ceremonies, conferences and lectures.However, a further challenge is that the theatre can also split into two self-contained 500-seat spaces when the positioning of the speakers would automatically change, since they are hung on the walls that would move during the transformation.

This was addressed by Nigel Meddemmen, Martin Audio sales support, who carried out venue predictions as an accurate 2D slice using the Omni Line Software.The calculations enabled him to position the arrays to ensure best possible response and generate the required rigging, inter-module angles and equalisation.These peculiar challenges, he noted, “actually made Omni Line an excellent choice.”Other challenges included the use of a variety of microphones in front of the PA system — including tricky omnidirectional lavalier mics, which tend to be favoured by university lecturers — plus the insistence on wall-mounting the arrays as the roof structure had not been rated for a flown system.The biggest problem posed, however, was the fact that the rear walls of the hall move — splitting the auditorium via a central removable divide when it needs to open up.A total of four Omni Line arrays were specified to cover each of the two sides, and yet maintain pattern control across exactly the same area when the room is functioning as a single large space.However, the front wall in each of the two halves is hinged, and when moved backwards, would swing the outside arrays inward to leave gaps in the coverage at the sides whilst producing a troublesome coverage overlap in the centre between the two ‘inner’ arrays.

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