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In January 2008 a search list of 121 previous owners, predominantly from Nuremberg and Fürth, was published by the Nuremberg Municipal Library, and on the home page of this Central Registry which worked in partnership (together with the Registry's sister organisation, the Commission for Looted Art in Europe) to assist those responding and to trace others.The response to the first search request was enormous.

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In total, 150 publications have to date been returned to the respective previous owners i.e. The Library has been carrying out provenance research in accordance with the Washington Principles and the Joint Declaration by the Federal Government, the Länder (Federal States) and the National Associations of Local Authorities of 14 December 1999 to identify looted cultural property and enable its return to its rightful owners.their legal successors in the USA, Israel, Great Britain, Austria and Switzerland. The Nuremberg Municipal Library and the lender, Nuremberg's Jewish Community, together decided to hand back the Nazi-confiscated books to their former owners or their legitimate successors, wherever possible.In September 2010, a further list of 306 names was published whose heirs are being sought, and a press release was issued by the Library. Staff from the Municipal Library have painstakingly recorded all marks of provenance in detail, and made them available for research in the electronic library catalogue.Nearly 2,000 books carrying marks of provenance and suspected of being illegally confiscated are also listed in the Lost Art Internet Database, constituting a substantial part of that database.Since the marks of provenance were transcribed as they were found in the books, a Web PAC search for specific persons or institutions may be of limited help.This page is based on a Wikipedia article written by contributors (read/edit).

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The Nuremberg Municipal Library has about 10,000 confiscated books, today subsumed under the heading "Collection Jewish Community Nuremberg" (Sammlung Israelitische Kultusgemeinde IKG).

Most of these books were taken illegally by the Nazis from Jews and other victims of Nazi persecution – among them Freemasons, clergymen and activists and institutions connected with the labour movement and left-wing political parties.

A list of previous owners can be found at the foot of this page.

About a third of the books carry marks of provenance (signatures, book plates, stamps etc.) of former owners from over 400 locations, mainly in Europe.

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