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Despite this, academic accounts of erotic role play are sparse.This is unfortunate as many of the questions that perennially spring up in the study of games, such as confrontations about their ethical responsibility, quandaries of their potentially corrupting influence, and how far virtual boundaries can be pushed before they become too ‘real’, are exemplified in role playing with erotic content.

In this short post, however, I aim not to thoroughly explore the topic but to provide an introduction and some vignettes from my field experience to generate dialogue.It seemed that all the bones cracking, torn muscles and squeeze out all about the inside. Ashley Brown recently completed her Ph D at the University of Manchester in sociology.Her thesis, entitled ‘Sex Between Frames: An exploration of online and tabletop erotic role play’, focused on how role players involve erotic content into their games and what this particular type of play means for conceptions of sexuality.[Disclaimer: some mentions of rape and sexual violence] At the heart of this post is an effort to define and explain the social phenomenon of erotic role play for those unfamiliar with the term.The post compares and contrasts erotic role play with other types of online sexuality and after arriving at a thorough definition, asks the dreaded ‘so what? Rather than summarise the findings of my research, as I have laboriously done in my recently-defended thesis, I would instead like to use this post as an opportunity to highlight some of the questions that arise from playing with erotic content in imaginary worlds.

Although, through research, I have developed my own answers to some of these questions, they are presented here as a rhetorical exercise to illustrate not only the fruitfulness in studying how erotic role players play with sexuality, but also what this play might mean to our conceptualisation of role playing games, reality, and relationships.

Answers, musings, and follow up questions are encouraged in the comments.

From the infamous bloodninja quote[1] in the title of this piece which has become an internet meme, to Julian Dibbel’s account of a rape in cyberspace[2], to Blizzard’s reports to patrol Goldshire in World of Warcraft[3], to table-top role playing guides like the Book of Erotic Fantasy[4], erotic role play, often abbreviated as ERP, has garnered plenty of media attention.

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