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Settle for less dating site - cenautica online dating

I can’t answer that question for you, but you see where I’m going with this.

When one does such inner soul work, we discover that many of the things we felt we just HAD to have are superficial and silly, or are more important to our family than they are to us.

What is it about us as human beings that causes us to settle for less than what we want, less than our worth?

Is it something that is ingrained into our psyche that tells us that we simply cannot have what we truly want?

Did our parents pass this bad decision-making process down to us?

We tend to settle for less in every aspect of our lives – marriage, job, goals, friends, home, relationship, etc.

What exactly causes us to settle for something less than what we want? Fear pushes us towards comfort, complacency, and familiarity. It works against the belief that you will succeed or have what you will desire and it kills even the belief in the possibility of you achieving your dreams, if you allow it.

For instance, in the realm of relationships, you have both men and women desiring to be in long-term, committed relationships, or marriages, AND YET neither one is preparing for what they desire.What I see is people living a very individualistic, single lifestyle all the way up to the "getting serious" talk, or to the altar.There is no other venture in life like committed relationships, where people practice the complete opposite of what they profess they want to eventually become, and expect a most beautiful result when opportunity arrives.I am convinced people think some kind of instantaneous magic occurs when a declaration of commitment or wedding vows are exchanged. There’s a difference between a person DESIRING what they want and a person DESERVING what they want.We can DESIRE all day what we want without any effort, but to DESERVE what we want requires the best effort.Sure, some people get a fortunate break, and get what they DESIRE, yet did not DESERVE, but many often lose it because they don’t have the character to keep it or sustain what they have. Most can be traced to the socialization of women from a very early age.

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