Scams on dating sites ghana africa

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Scams on dating sites ghana africa

She had lost her husband 30 years previously and was charmed by the conman, who this time claimed to be a British builder named Bruce living in London.Speaking to Sky News in 2011, she said: "He made feel great, he made me feel wanted and that he was genuine.

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She even travelled to the West African country at one point to meet 'Bruce' and encountered Fadola - who was pretending to be Bruce's driver.He took her to Fadola's luxury marble-clad mansion, showed her a case of gold to prove the investment was genuine and then said Bruce was in prison and needed her money for bail.On another occasion, 57-year-old widow Dena White, of East Yorkshire, lost her home after she re-mortgaged her property and used £50,000 of her savings to help 'Steve Moon' in a legal dispute over the impounding of his war medals.Fadola - posing as Moon - said he couldn't access his own cash because he was serving in Iraq.The pair chatted through a dating website for hours each day.Speaking to the Daily Mail after he was unmasked, she said: "Of course I was wary but everything he told me seemed to check out. It sounds silly now but we were in love." Fadola was snared when he tried to obtain a British visa which disclosed his true identity to the National Crime Agency, who were investigating a case where a disabled woman had been persuaded to sell her house and send funds to Ghana.

He is believed to have targeted women across Britain, France, Sweden, Italy and the US and was found guilty of more than 20 offences stemming from his 2012 trial.For the youth of the West African nation of Ghana, a country on the margins of the global economy, the growth of the Internet in the 1990s was full of promise — the promise of sharing in the prosperity of the information age, and of forging meaningful connections with the rest of the world, politically, economically, and socially.But when Internet connectivity finally arrived after the turn of the 21st century, many of these optimistic youth struggled to form connections with the foreigners they encountered online.A Ghanaian fraudster who posed as an American major general to swindle thousands of pounds from lonely British women he met through online dating sites has been jailed.Maurice Asola Fadola charmed vulnerable lonely women during his 'Rom Con' scam, sending flowers on their birthdays and bombarding them with flattering messages and poetry.But he would soon claim to be in some sort of financial difficulty and ask the often widowed pensioners to send cash his way - which he used to pay for a lavish gold-plated mansion in his home country.

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