Saravananum vasuvum onna padichavanga online dating

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Saravananum vasuvum onna padichavanga online dating - running man episode 217 online dating

Vasuvum Saravananum Onna Padichavanga (English Translation: Vasu and Saravanan Studied Together) is an Indian Tamil romantic comedy film written and directed by M. It features Arya and Tamannaah in lead roles while Santhanam plays a prominent role. Arya himself is producing the film under his production company 'The Show People' associating with Prasad V Potluri's PVP cinema. The film began production in November 2014 and was released on 14 August 2015. Vasu (Santhanam) and Saravanan (Arya) are best friends. Nirav Shah and Vivek Harshan handled cinematography and editing, respectively.

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Vasu does not want to break his friendship with Saravanan directly as to not hurt Saravanan's feelings.

He gets the help of his friend, Gautham (Karunakaran) who tells him to get Saravanan married.

Vasu helps Saravanan to get a girlfriend in the hopes that the girlfriend will be a reason to end the friendship.

Saravanan and Vasu go to Happy where Saravanan falls for Aishwarya Balakrishnan (Tamannaah).

Aishwarya, who initially dislikes Saravanan, eventually agrees to his love.

They decide to start a club of men who have been cheated by their wives or girlfriends. They are also supported by Akila Chechi (Shakeela), leader of Akila Indian Men Security Club.

Then Assistant Commissioner Vetri Vel (Vishal) arrives and tells the trio to join up with their wives by lying that they have their friendship cut.In November 2013, Arya agreed to finance and star in the lead role of director M.Rajesh's next venture, with Santhanam also brought in to the project to play a supporting role.As Saravanan had interviewed Seema before she married Vasu, Vasu interviews Aishwarya at a cafe.A fight breaks out between Aishwarya and Vasu, forcing Saravanan to choose between the two.Saravanan chooses Aishwarya and breaks his friendship with Vasu.