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Derivative play aside, the game manages to bring some new elements to the "slice up stuff while avoiding other stuff" genre, thanks to great art and a unique time-slowing mechanic.Now if only Owlchemy Labs could be convinced to bring their games to Android in a timely manner. -- A tree killed his granny and now he is out for revenge.

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Use the supernatural powers of Jack Lumber to massacre the forest in this time-warping, line-drawing, log-slicing, pun-filled lumberjacking mashup!Bust out your flannel to muster the strength and burlyness to solve the skill and logic puzzles (flannel not actually required).We've seen games that let you play to your own music before.And we've seen endless runners before - a never-ending stream of endless runners, in fact.Now these two relatively okay tastes can taste mildly interesting together. Song Rush is a musical arcade game that will allow you to play with your own music. Beat your own music by pulling off perfect combos to win maximum points. Try all the solo challenges and take on your friends in the weekly tournament. This game is a shameless copy of Bomberman, and it doesn't care who knows it.The levels are generated by an algorithm that analyzes your local music files, and you'll need to employ a bit of finger acrobatics to get to the end of the track. But it does have at least one thing going for it: some pretty great online multiplayer, along with a seamless matchmaking system (it's pretty close to Pocket Fleet, one of my personal favorites).

There's some heavy-handed pushing towards social sharing and a fair bit of advertising, but you can ignore all that and play as a guest for some quick matches with a handful of human opponents. Blowing stuff up together with your friends of course!Dive right into the action in one of’s most popular games, Robomber.Meet your friends online anytime with this exclusive app and show them who’s boss.Clan Wars 2 Expansion Winter Defense ', WIDTH,80, FADEIN,0, DELAY,0, BGCOLOR, '#E2E7FF', BORDERCOLOR,'#003099', FONTCOLOR,'#000044', FONTSIZE,'8pt', FONTFACE,'Verdana, Geneva,sans-serif')" onmouseout="Un Tip()" The most addicting category of flash games is the strategy war, in which the player organises and plans defence policies, fights enemies, builds clans, maps and scenarios etc.Such entertainment gives thrills, and engages the player to the grand designs and impressive style of the working plan.Moreover, they have a touch of real time situations leading to hours and hours of playing. Most importantly, they are available for free to play online on many websites.