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How long more can we depend on Lee Chong Wei and Nicole David to bring glory to our country.

She said that Nik Aziz was instigating the Muslims to rape non-Muslim women.When asked to comment on Heng's statement, Chua said there is nothing wrong for Heng to interpret Nik Aziz's statement that way because rapists do not choose their victims."When a Muslim rapist wants to rape, it doesn't mean he must rape a Muslim. "You cannot say I am not a Muslim, please don't rape me," he said at a press conference after chairing a delegates’ briefing session this afternoon.Earlier today, Heng urged MCA Wanita members at the party’s AGM to go all out to stop Pakatan from taking power, or risk seeing the implementation of hudud law.MCA Wanita chairman Yu Chok Tow also raised the possibility that all Muslim MPs, including those from Umno, would support PAS' hudud proposal should Pakatan win the next general election."Due to religious concerns, Umno and PKR Muslim parliamentarians will have no choice but support a [hudud] bill…" she said.

On a separate issue, Chua said that Pakatan Rakyat's proposed floor wage of RM1,100 would incur RM10 billion to RM12 billion extra costs to employers a year.He said the proposal would put 1.2 million people out of job and cause unemployment rate to increase.PETALING JAYA: After the next general election is over, the Election Commission (EC) will do away with a law that governs the registering of voters in Malaysia. We wish to maintain a high level of integrity and responsibility among our participants. The football crazy judge concurred and the boy was handed over to the FAM. The KKA is unanimous that Khairy is still the man in a hurry like Anwar was in the 1990’s.In the spirit of camaraderie of the blogsphere, interested parties are welcomed to reproduce or quote materials published in this weblog WITH THE CONDITION that they are credited to avoid misunderstanding. 16 – THE KKA, now in session in Damansara Utama, takes note of the explanation by the wife of the Prime Minister, (Datin Seri) Rosmah Mansor, on her using government’s executive jets. So the KKA’s debate on the Pemuda was more extensive and exhaustive. After all, as a brilliant undergraduate in the early 1990’s, he was mentored, among others, by Anwar under the programme Students for Vision 2020.The general view is that Pemuda is no longer a pressure group. At the end of the UGA, the grandmaster aka the Prime Minister had to explain to the press that the TNB needed the increase. He is 37 and may not get to become Prime Minister at 40 as he told friends when he first ventured into politics. So watch out the Vice Presidents and take notice Yang Amat Berhormat Presiden and YAB Timbalan Presiden!

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    მაგრამ გარკვეული პერიოდის შემდეგ, უკმაყოფილება კომპექსი საკუთარი გარეგნობის გამო გადადის და წინა პლანზე სხვა ღირებულებები მოდის. მართალია სპერმის გამოყოფის უნარი და მენსტრუაციის ქონა საკმარისია იმისთვის, რომ ჩაისახოს ბავშვი, მაგრამ რეალურად ჩვენს (და ბევრ სხვა) საზოგადოებაშიც, ამ ასაკის ადამიანები არ არიან მორალურად და სოციალურად მზად მშობლის როლი იტვირთონ. უბრალოდ სტატისტიკა არ ვიცი) 20 წლამდე გოგონები ხშირად იკეთებენ აბორტს. ყველამ უნდა იცოდეს კომეპტენტური წყაროებიდან და არა მხოლოდ ტელესერიალებიდან ან ფილმებიდან, თუ რა არის სექსი.