Kumalak online dating

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Kumalak online dating

Exxit is a modern sowing game created by the French Vincent Everaert in 2003 and published by Jactalea in 2006.

It is a boardless boardgame, which is played with hexagonal tiles that placed during the game on a flat surface by two players: Black and White.

Exxit won the "Concours International de Créateurs de Jeux de Société" in 2004.

The first World Championship was held on June 3, 2007, in Paris (France) and won by Axel Indygo after winning the final game against Yannick Nounouille with 28 : 20 points.

The game can be played online at Board Space and Boîte à jeux.

8 black pawns, 8 red pawns (for "White") and a stock of 39 reversible hexagonal tiles shared by both players. The game starts from a core area of four hexagonal tiles (2 black, 2 red), on which the first pawns are placed.

There are two red tiles side by side in the center and a black tile on each side that are facing both red tiles. The pawns form stacks of any height starting with a singleton (height 1). The object of the game is to extend the player's territory by placing new hexagons.

The contents of a friendly stack can be distributed (similar to the sowing in mancala games), one by one, starting with the bottom piece, in a straight line towards an enemy stack, if the following conditions are met: The remaining pawns are continued to be sown behind the opponent's stack.If there are still pawns left, when the edge of the board is reached, the remaining stack is dropped on a "virtual" tile just beyond the board.Its pawns then become prisoners, which cannot be moved.Sowing is known as "dancing" or "dealing" in Exxit.Exception : a "dance" / "deal" isn't performed, if the last pawn is placed on a virtual tile already occupied by prisoners.On his turn a player can free a prisoner outside the territory, when its virtual tile is adjacent to at least two real tiles. Each stack (even if it consisted of just one pawn) is replaced by a tile, which has the color of the player who effected the liberation.

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