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Werecreatures forced to hide themselves from humans in order to survive. All warnings or tirggering things will be tagged at the top of each fanfiction before you read so you know what to expect and such, and the ating and tags will change as new fanfictions arise! One of the few pure people left in this messed up society. These people call me a monster, maybe that's what I am. Years into the distant future, war has ravaged the earth and left nothing but hatred and fighting. O) is a dictatorship form of government that has taken over the world. With the cure unknown, the infection is common and merges easily into victims' veins, turning them into a dreadful, horrifying monster—that is if you aren't lucky.With so many Werecreature races going extinct every day, the clans must fight in order to protect themselves from extinction. So, prepare yourselves for the newest garbage dump of me and Ebony's wasted hours of lives to make these short or long stories! His eyes shining bluer than blue and his smile soft and sweet- who knew he was broken more than could be repaired..could he? His chocolate brown feathery hair and irresistible smirk- who knew he wasn't as broken as most like him are, someone not to be trusted or could help..could he? When Chris' group targets Phil- Dan realizes that the blue eyed wonder may be hiding more than he thought, and who knows? I just know that I have to get something, from every person I'm assign towards. There's a human that breaks my pattern sometimes, he's very nice. You either pick and side and defend it, or you die trying to end the massacre. They're classified as animals, but it's mostly just ears and tail. In the dark year of 2015, new rules have been applied, along with the sickening disease that had spread throughout the nation. Volunteered guards bravely participate in shielding the fences from danger and monsters, but the nightmare isn't even unraveling yet.

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Or where every single You Tuber listed above is a Werecreature split into two clans that fight against each other all while avoiding human contact. He's twenty three, in his own band, "between jobs", and is dating a cute school boy. Everything is great until he meets a sass filled, world rocking, gamer by the name of Mark. What the fuck happened to make these 15 Youtubers get pulled into this hell hole to kill each other?! They are going to put an end to the war, stop it once and for all and give the earth back to its people. Jack is out gathering some more food for his family when he is attacked by a group of foxes. She is one of the test subjects assigned to the deadliest observation, being one of the participants to reach the highest IQ.

Trust me, I may have thought this up at 3AM but it's gonna be really cool! Unfortunately, his quest for love won't be an easy one. However, this town doesn't take kindly to those that just happen to wander in without a purpose. One of them, a red haired fox, seems to take a liking to the green haired squirrel. But when it's her turn, her introduction to horror and bloodshed is interrupted by one Red Soldier, the troopers who guard the gates.

He'll have to defeat Mark's seven evil ex's if he wants a life with Mark! He rescues her from death and takes her to their camp, where her destined opportunity to life lays.

Can Jack actually win over his strawberry haired crush or will he fall flat? Mark Fischbach is a government agent and the top of his class. Somewhere out there I'm helping people in ways only little kids dream."Jack is a famous superhero known as the Septic Eye.

(INSPIRED BY THE AU BY: drowny101 On Tumblr.) Jack or 'Sean' is Uis most wanted 'criminal'; only because he likes to play shower pranks..Mark has come back from going abroad for a 3 month engineering opportunity. He was the only one who got a perfect score on his trial. A duel-wielding bad ass who only fights for justice.

Time to reinforce his dominance on Jack, once again. Sean 'Jack' Mc Laughlin is the most wanted rebel in the republic. But in "reality", he's a schizophrenic who has been in a psych ward for a solid year. I can’t say I’m too happy about my impending doom but I guess it has been a good ride.

Mark lives in one of the top apartments the Government owns and is a high ranking soldier. So now our hero finds himself split between two worlds. When life offers you a dream so far beyond any of your expectations, it's unreasonable to grieve when it comes to an end. His smile remained unfaltering as he lumbered forward, undeterred, to kill me.

Sean lives on the streets, having to gamble and steal for a living. The fake world where Sean Mc Loughlin was born, and the real world where Jack Septic Eye thrives.[TAKING REQUESTS FOR YOUTUBERS YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEE IN THIS] I never gave much thought to how I would die- and frankly I didn’t give a fuck. None of this would have ever happened if I hadn’t have moved here, if I’d stayed in Arizona like Troye had wanted me to.

To be honest, I never thought dating a clumsy nerd would lead to this. Although he was just doing what he thought was right -emphasis on thought- he fucked up.

A horrific experience has left Mark damaged so he flees to a remote town in Ireland looking for peace and solitude.

He ends up meeting a local Irishman who's own past experiences has left him just as hurt as Mark is.

Both men may not be the most stable things they would want in there already shattered lives, yet they might need each other a lot more then they both want to admit. He had a wonderful voice that made almost everyone swoon. He gets caught in a tragic incident that costs him his voice -- and nearly his life.

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