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Kimberly Ann Possible is a fictional character from Disney’s animated television series Kim Possible. Kim is a Kung fu fighting cheerleader who saves the world and still finds time to be a top student.She’s smart, confident, and assertive, with a very driven Type A personality.

However, she’s somewhat bossy and quite a perfectionist, and can be extremely demanding of both herself and those around her, not to mention that she sometimes shows a lack of faith in others’ abilities and can be a bit arrogant about her own.

As a consequence, Kim also tends to easily become annoyed and impatient toward obnoxious or underachieving individuals.

Oddly enough, her best friend Ron Stoppable is the very personification of Type B personality, laid-back ambivalence and randomness, and she seems to have learned some degree of tolerance through him.

Kim originally wanted to offer her services as a babysitter, but through a twist of fate ended up as a freelance secret agent doing odd jobs ranging from rescuing cats in trees to saving the world from mad scientists (particularly Dr. Her motto is “I can do anything,” and she more than lives up to it, with a wide variety of skills ranging from martial arts to mountain-climbing to skydiving.

However, although she’s practically unstoppable in combat, she still sometimes suffers from the same social insecurities and growing pains as any other high school girl her age.

Her only real weakness seems to be a strong tendency to be concerned about (and frequently fooled by) appearances, as well as a tendency to succumb to peer pressure, something she never really managed to overcome until the very end of the third season.

As animated teen characters go, she’s unusual in that she’s a hero and yet at the same time is one of the “popular kids” rather than the typical misunderstood outcast, a role fulfilled by Ron.

Despite being a secret agent, her work saving the world is no secret, as everybody in her life knows about it.

They mostly just ignore it and treat her like any other friend, except for the rare occasions when her work interferes with her home life (such as when a villain attacks the school or kidnaps her cheerleading squad).

Like most girls her age, Kim has been prone to crushes with boys over the course of the series, although none of them ever really worked out.

It wasn’t until the movie So the Drama that she found true happiness in the arms of Ron.

Besides saving the world, her interests also include designer clothes and a series of Beanie-Baby style collectibles of mutated animals known as “Cuddle Buddies”.

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