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Suddenly, he needs things to do in everyday life and he tries a number of activities: helping Pina shopping; babysitting ...

Fantozzi was born, and right from the beginning of time he was doomed to be humiliated and laughed at. See full summary » A telegram has just arrived ant the Persichette home in Italy.It seems that their late grandfather's second wife, Maria Juana, is traveling from Venezuela to Italy to visit her stepson and...See full summary » When a possessive narcotics detective strongly suspects that his young beautiful wife is cheating on him, he hires a professional hitman to bump her off.All the while trying to solve a string of strange murders.There's no doubt that this movie was inspired by the Salvatore Samperi-Laura Antonelli classic "Malizia" as other reviewers mentioned.But it should be said that "Malizia" really inspired an entire subgenre of "incestuous" Italian sex comedies in the 1970's.

Not only were there numerous movies of adolescent boys losing their virginity to step-mothers, aunts, and even step-GRANDMOTHERS (in "Grazie Nonna", another Edwige Fenech vehicle), but there might have been even MORE movies about female adolescent "lolitas" seducing their mother's boyfriends, step-fathers, uncles or even actual fathers!

( I guess they REALLY liked to keep it in the family in 1970's Italy).

Of course, in the typical sexist Italian fashion of that era all these ribald stories were told from the point of a view of the male protagonist whether he be an impressionable adolescent pounced on by a "cougar" or a beleaguered older man unable to resist a nubile, underaged vixen.

e turbamento (1974)Director: Massimo Dallamano Writers: Gianfranco Clerici (screenplay)Gianfranco Clerici (story)Release Date:17 August 1977 (France)Genre: Comedy | Romance Plot: A young man is temporarily home from a Seminary, but eventually falls in love with his father's young new wife.

Plot Keywords: Breasts | Stepmother | Marriage | Beautiful Woman | Female Nudity password vasakula

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