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Each member has a specific colour - White, Black, Red, Pink, Purple, Gold, Blue, and Grey.

Director: Keishi Otomo (“龍馬伝 (Ryomaden),” “るろうに剣心 (Rurouni Kenshin)” series)Original work: Reiko Shimizu “秘密 THE TOP SECRET (Himitsu THE TOP SECRET)” (published by Hakusensha, running in Melody magazine)Script: Izumi Takahashi, Keishi Otomo/Lee Sork Jun, Kim Sun Mee Music: Naoki Sato Planning/Distributor: Shochiku Original work: Noboru Takahashi “土竜の唄 (Mogura no Uta)” (currently running in Shogakukan’s “週刊ビッグコミックスピリッツ (Shukan Big Comic Spirits”)Director: Takashi Miike Script: Kankuro Kudo Music: Koji Endo Production: Fuji Television Producer: OLMProduction assistance: Rakueisya Distribution: Toho Item number: TCED-2847 ¥6,800 +tax[Specs]Main feature 119 min.

+ bonus footage 180 min.[Bonus disc 1]・Making of Yokokuhan・Event compilation (予告飯・予告やん (Yokokuhan Yokokuyan))・Preview screening, opening day cast greetings・Smash hit cast greetings[Bonus disc 2]・Special interview (Toma Ikuta, Erika Toda, Ryohei Suzuki, Gaku Hamada, Yoshiyoshi Arakawa)・Movie“Yokokuhan” navigation program “徹底ヨコクSP (Tettei Yokoku SP)”・Movie “Yokokuhan” navigation program “シンブンシたちの男子会 (Shinbunshitachi no Danshikai)”・Movie “Yokokuhan” WOWOW navigation program・Character video clips・Previously unreleased scenes (Cybercrime Countermeasures Department Prequel)[Main disc contents]Theater trailer and spot compilation[First-run limited edition]Postcard set (5 cards)[Enclosed bonus]Deluxe booklet (24 pages)Item number: TCED-2848 ¥3,800 +tax[Specs]Main feature 119 min.

+ bonus footage (theater trailer and spot compilation)[Bonus footage]Theater trailer and spot compilation※Product specs may vary.■TC Entertainment Original Novel: Kotaro Isaka “Grasshopper” (Published by KADOKAWA Bunko)Director: Tomoyuki Takitomo “脳男 (No Otoko)”Script: Takeshi Aoshima “あなたへ (Anata e)”Distribution: KADOKAWA/Shochiku Production: “Grasshopper” Production Committee[Specs]・2-disc set (119 min.

main feature + bonus footage)[Packaging & Enclosed bonus]・Deluxe slipcase box and tri-fold digipak・3 large-size postcard set of Suzuki (Toma Ikuta), Kujira (Tadanobu Asano), and Semi (Ryosuke Yamada) ※First-run limited edition only・Special booklet (20 pages)[Bonus audio/visual content][Bonus audio/visual content]・Audio commentary on the main feature(Toma Ikuta, Director Tomoyuki Takitomo, and Script Writer Takeshi Aoshima)・Trailer collection☆Those preordering or purchasing either the “special edition” or the “standard edition” will get an A4-size clear file folder on a first-come, first-served basis!

Ikuta Toma (生田斗真) is a Japanese talent artist from Johnny & Associates.

His family consists of a father, a mother named Hiromi, a younger brother named Ryuusei, and a dog named JAM.

His father wanted to name him Ikuta Tamegorou, but his mother changed it to Toma because it was easier to say. with Yamashita Tomohisa, where they became very good friends.He used to be called Toma by his family and friends. When Tackey & Tsubasa graduated Johnny's Jrs, the Four Tops were formed to take over the leader position and host the show Shounen Club, and consisted of Ikuta Toma, Yamashita Tomohisa, Hasegawa Jun, and Kazama Shunsuke.His junior in the agency used to call him Toma-san that morphed to Tomasu, this name was used when he was hosting a corner Meitantei Tomasu in the Shounen Club program. When Yamashita Tomohisa was put in NEWS, Four Tops disbanded and fans called the rest as Three Tops when they performed together. One of his biggest breakthrough was his first leading role in the Shinkansen*NEXUS stageplay Cat in the Red Boots, as TOMA-sama.TOKIO vs Ikuta Toma - Na Na Na ~ Taiyou Nante Iranai. His family consists of a father, a mother named Hiromi, a younger brother named Ryuusei, and a dog named JAM. (Bad Image Generation) along with ten other popular Juniors of that time.His father wanted to name him "Ikuta Tamegorou", but his mother changed it to Toma because it was easier to say. This is the time when he met * April 2003, NEWS was formed with Yama Pi as the leader.