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Setting a fizzy mood via some very mid-’60s animated opening credits and a jazzy John Williams theme that harks back to his “Johnny” Williams days as pianist for Henry Mancini’s orchestra, pic gets off to a jaunty start as Di Caprio’s Abagnale is introduced as one of three contestants on the venerable gameshow “To Tell the Truth.” Unfortunately, neither is the mood consistently maintained nor is the climax of the TV show ever shown. (Christopher Walken) is a romantic, better at dreaming and scheming than at supporting his family.

Once he flees home, it’s unclear exactly how he copes, but a set of circumstances and a burst of ingenuity lead him to be fitted for a Pan Am pilot’s uniform and to forge payroll checks that provide him a handsome income and the ability to ride in the cockpits of other airlines’ jets.

His good looks and suave manner make it easy for him to acquire a bevy of stewardesses, enabling him to emulate the James Bond lifestyle he explicitly admires.

The FBI is on to Abagnale before long, but he proves remarkably elusive.

Even when Hanratty corners the “Skyway Man,” gun drawn, in a Hollywood hotel room, Abagnale is able to turn the tables on his pursuer and slip away to continue his spree, this time in Atlanta. Connors” no more performs surgery than he ever flew planes, but he comes to care for Brenda enough to propose to her and meet her parents in New Orleans, where her dad (Martin Sheen) is District Attorney.

Inspired by the trust and help of Brenda (Amy Adams), a naive candy striper, Abagnale transforms himself into a doctor and finds himself appointed head of the night staff at a hospital, meaning he also gets to select the nurses. Ever more audacious, Abagnale insists that not only is he a doctor, but a lawyer as well.

In order to go to work for Brenda’s father, he takes the Louisiana bar exam after two weeks of studying and, in the feat that most confounds Hanratty years later, passes it.

Still, the jig is soon up and, having run up some million in fraud, he admits to his father, “I want this to be over.” Spielberg and screenwriter Jeff Nathanson (the “Rush Hour” pics) might have taken this as a cue to begin wrapping things up themselves, but instead elaborate a great deal of follow-up material to more-is-less effect.Info about how Abagnale, under Hanratty’s tutelage, came to become a check fraud expert for the FBI after serving but part of his prison sentence is interesting and satisfyingly ironic, but could have been dispensed in a fraction of the time.Ultimately, the film pays for the excess baggage it takes on, suggesting this would have been a very good occasion for Spielberg to make his first under-two-hour film since “E.The larky “Catch Me if You Can” is like a trot around the track for the thoroughbreds involved, and one of the results is that it takes them far too long to get to the finish line.A good 40 minutes too long, this amiable account of the true story of teenage con man Frank Abagnale a case in which the talented players could have won big had they cashed out much earlier; you can literally feel the returns diminishing the longer the game is extended.

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