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Introduction (1997) by Jeffery Jay Lowder Josh Mc Dowell's Evidence That Demands a Verdict (hereafter, "ETDAV") is arguably one of the most influential Christian apologetic books today.

The purpose of Jury shall be to evaluate how well it does. The Uniqueness of the Bible (1997) by Farrell Till In ETDAV, Mc Dowell begins his defense of the Bible with the claim that it is unique.

He parades before us an array of "scholars" to testify to various features of the Bible that qualify it to be considered "different from all others" [books], as if anyone would seriously try to deny that the Bible is unique, i.e., different from all others.

At the very beginning of my analysis of this chapter of ETDAV, I will concede that the Bible is undeniably unique.

Certainly, there is no other book like it, but this fact, as we will see, becomes more of an embarrassment to the Bible than proof of its divine origin. The Canon of the Bible (1999) by Larry Taylor A critical reply to chapter three of Josh Mc Dowell's Evidence That Demands a Verdict. Reliability and Belief (1999) by James Still In this essay, the author reacts to Josh Mc Dowell's Chapter 4 entitled "Reliability of the Bible" in his book ETDAV.

He first distinguishes between Pauline faith and Mc Dowell's insistence that the Bible reveals historically true propositions, which the author calls the "reliability doctrine." Mc Dowell's reliability doctrine is then examined from three perspectives: biblical criticism, archaeology, and philosophy.

The author concludes that the gospel narratives are not to be understood as factually true propositions of history, but rather they communicate the theological meaning of faith in Christ. Josh Mc Dowell's "Evidence" for Jesus: Is It Reliable?

(2000) by Jeffery Jay Lowder In the fifth chapter of ETDAV entitled, "Jesus--A Man of History," Josh Mc Dowell lists a series of "sources for the historicity of Jesus." According to the table of contents of ETDAV, this chapter lists "documented sources of the historical person of Jesus of Nazareth apart from the Bible." In this chapter I shall consider each of Mc Dowell's sources.

Although I agree with Mc Dowell that there was a historical Jesus, I shall argue that most of Mc Dowell's sources do not provide independent confirmation of the historicity of Jesus. A Rejoinder to "Jesus - God's Son" (1997) by Robert M.

This is a very good defence of the Christian faith using historical evidentialism.

I do not know of any book from this perspective that is as exhaustive as this one.

Josh Mc Dowell's New Evidence That Demands a Verdict combines the two original best-selling volumes into one, maintaining their classic defense of the faith, yet answering new questions posed by today's culture.