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Doc love challenge online dating - pozorisna veza online dating

Doc Love - Success Coach For Men Doc Love is a talk show host and entertainment speaker who coaches men in his seminars. If she is in line at a bank or store or restaurant.For the past 30 years he has asked thousands of women, "Why do you stay with one man versus another? There are more, but if you could help with the above list, I could probably apply them to the others.

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For my money, you’re the best love coach out there – maybe the best in the whole world. Like I said, you might not even want to deal with something as fundamental as this, but I know I sure would appreciate the help, and probably so would all the other losers like me. Carney - who doesn’t know how to get into the game. ” (But we all know women don’t care about looks – they’re really after “inner beauty! These are complete strangers you’re approaching; don’t forget, so it’s to your credit that you’re even trying. “There’s a logic to this madness,” as my cousin “Fast Eddie” Love would say. Whenever you see a honey you’d like to take out, look at her and say, with a twinkle in your eye, “I think you’re coming on too heavy.” Just like Bogart would.Now maybe I’ve just missed it, but I don’t believe that you’ve ever discussed exactly what to say to a woman in great detail. How do you keep the initial contact going and make your way to asking for the home phone number? If I don’t get an enthusiastic response right off the bat, I tend to lose whatever confidence I have, stumble over my words, and end up making a fool of myself. Hi Carney, First of all, want to know why “Hi” doesn’t work most of the time? But the more interesting thing is this: they didn’t help you. Remember -- always keep it light and funny and easy. It’s all the rage nowadays to take pictures with your cell phone. In a bank, she’ll think you’re trying to rob her, so forget that one, too. Ask her where the white chocolate macadamia cookies are. Tell her it’s your first time in the store and that you’re lost.I hope this isn’t too basic for you, but I could really use some help here, Doc. This is where I really get stuck when I try and meet a girl that I take a fancy to. So when you get around to reading this, what I’d like to know is what to say in the following situations (which is where I find myself most of the time when I spot a girl I think I’d like to take out): 1. Because the girls you’re approaching don’t have high Interest Level in you. That’s the main point you’re missing here -- most of the girls you hit on don’t like you. Out of a hundred girls, how many are going to like you? When she goes on staring at you, you’ll feel like a fool twice over, but that’s okay -- you’re just there to have fun anyway. At a restaurant, try to grab a table near her if you can.Then ask her, “Hey, have you got a girlfriend for me? If she’s watching the dance floor, dance with some other girls where she can see you.” If she doesn’t at least crack a smile, she’s got no sense of humor and you don’t want her anyway. You have to keep an eye on her peripherally, and then make your move.There are definitely better ways to find them than the cold call. About Doc Love © Copyright Doc Love Dot Com, Inc Featured Relationship Success Coach at a Love Links Plus Doc Love is a talk show host and entertainment speaker who coaches men in his seminars.

For the past 30 years he has asked thousands of women, "Why do you stay with one man versus another?

Doc Love - Success Coach For Men Doc Love is a talk show host and entertainment speaker who coaches men in his seminars.

" Dear Doc Love, Hi, I’m a successful writer and one of my plays is about to open here in the San Francisco area.

The point is to have two or three great lines down pat, wade into the fray and SMILE. The best time to go up to her in a restaurant is when she’s on her way back from the ladies room. Give me your home phone number.” If she’s interested, it’ll work. When you open your mouth, the girl knows you’re conning her.

And remember, you have to be dressed right – neat and clean. Pick the ugliest, fattest one and beg her to dance. Or that her boyfriend, who’s twice as tall as you, is in the men’s room and she’s waiting for him. When you’re making any of these silly pitches, Carney, what you’re really doing is trying to break the ice. When you talk to her about the avocados in the grocery section, she knows there’s a good chance you’re hustling her.

As my Uncle Jethro Love puts it, “Are your sneakers white? Of course, if you’re in the band, forget about all that -- it doesn’t matter! After you’re through and you go back and sit down at her table, say “I would be delighted if you’d introduce me to your friends.” 3. Step up to her and say, “Excuse me -- may I have this dance? And if she’s attractive, she’s going to get hustled all the time.

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