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Bombay Talkies, the film dedicated to 100 years of cinema, was a much appreciated project by four filmmakers.

Just when a section around is settling with the gay relations, the Supreme Court of India drops in a ruling making gay sex illegal.Almost immediately we fall back on a medium that helped to break the shackles around this not-so-easily acceptable word.It is almost immediately that we rewind, taking a note of the films that have treated homosexuality as just another thing existing in society.Did they do justice or stereotyped the topic that has the tendency to hurt sentiments or at least rub them the wrong way?In fact at a time when none was talking about sexual rights, actress Rohini Hattangadi played a lesbian lover in Vijay Tendulkar's Marathi film Mitrachi Goshta (1981).On the other hand, film like Sanjoy Nag's Memories of March (2010) depicted a story of reconciliation starring Rituparno Ghosh.

Falling in the line, director Onir is one of the countable directors who have thrown light on the other aspects of gays through his films.

His I AM won the National Award for Best Hindi Film and Best [email protected] is a Salman find. "I was a Salman fan but not a die-hard Salman fan." The delicate balance explains how Master Mudassar was not intimidated by the star and rather creative with him!

Perhaps, that puts in place the crazy yet popular 'collar and belt steps' we so associate Salman Khan with.

And who doesn't know about handbook of sex Kamasutra that found place in Mira Nair's adaptation!

Director Vivek Agnihotri gives a two-way take on this subject finding way into the films.

"There are directors like Onir who have taken a realistic take on heterosexuality, and then there are films like Dostaana or Student Of The Year that have taken a comic look at it.

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