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Both Crossan and Guzman were taken to a landing zone to be evacuated for medical attention.Crossan was medically discharged from the United States Marine Corps, due to the wounds he received that day. Kallop, according to his statements to investigators, arrived on the scene.

Five Iraqi men, a taxi driver and four teenagers, were ordered out of their car and shot dead in the street, principally by Staff Sgt. Kallop gave the order "to take the house." The Marines cleared it the way they had been trained to clear it, which is frags first. It was clear just by the looks of the room that frags went in and then the house was prepped and sprayed like with a machine gun and then they went in. they went in, cleared the room, everybody was down. It said the civilians deaths resulted from a roadside bomb and Iraqi insurgents. Immediately following the bombing, gunmen attacked the convoy with small arms fire.On December 21, 2006, eight Marines from 3rd Battalion, 1st Marines were charged in connection with the incident.The exception was former Staff Sergeant, now-Private Frank Wuterich.On October 3, 2007, the Article 32 hearing investigating officer recommended that Wuterich be tried for negligent homicide in the deaths of two women and five children, and that charges of murder be dropped. forces and insurgent groups since the beginning of the Iraq War, with many fatalities on both sides.Iraqis expressed disbelief and voiced outrage after the six-year US military prosecution ended with none of the Marines sentenced to incarceration. military forces had been stationed in and around Haditha to control the Haditha Dam, a major hydroelectric installation. On November 19, 2005, an improvised explosive device (IED), composed of 155mm artillery shells and explosive-filled propane tanks, was placed along their route some time before 3rd Battalion, 1st Marines (3/1) arrived in Haditha.A lawyer for the victims said, "This is an assault on humanity"; he, as well as the Iraqi government, said they might bring the case to international courts. The IED targeted a squad from 3/1 Kilo Company, 3rd Platoon, which was on a resupply convoy.

Lance Corporal Miguel Terrazas was killed instantly at AM.

Terrazas was driving the Humvee when it was hit by the bomb.

Lance Corporal James Crossan was in the passenger seat and was thrown out of the vehicle and trapped under the rear passenger tire. Private First Class Salvador Guzman was in the back of the vehicle conducting security for the convoy and was thrown from the Humvee.

The massacre occurred in Haditha, a city in Iraq's western province of Al Anbar.

Among the dead were men, women, children and elderly people, who were shot multiple times at close range while unarmed.

It was alleged that the killings were a retribution for the attack on a convoy of Marines with an improvised explosive device that killed Lance Corporal Miguel Terrazas.

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