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Daynes, described as a ‘weird computer boy’ who had spent time in foster care after his parents divorced, had cut up the clothes he was wearing and attempted to destroy computer equipment in a bid to erase record of their online chats.Before phoning 999, he shared photographs of the teenager's body with friends via email.

'Following the infliction of the fatal injury to Breck Bednar, Lewis Daynes disseminated images of his body to at least two people as well as making contact with a member of his online community to tell them that he was dead,' said Prosecutor Richard Whitham QC.'I woke up, he was just standing up.

He was in a mess, hands on his face, I got up and put my arms around him and said it was OK.

He just shrugged me off and said "no", actually, I can't remember actually what he said.

'I grabbed the knife and I stabbed him once in the back of the neck, I believe, somewhere near the brain stem.

He turned around, tried to carry it on, and I think I stumbled on my chest of drawers.

I fell over, I got back up, backed away and, I don't remember exactly what happened but the fight ended with me cutting his throat.

In criticism of Essex Police, his mother said: 'The police did not do a lot for me at the time when the attack was reported to them.

They just kept delaying the case and turned around and said there was no evidence.’ 'Tragically, his downward spiral of depravity went even further and ended in the brutal murder of Breck Bednar, an innocent 14-year-old boy who had placed his trust in a man he considered to be a friend,' Ms Cameron said.'Children need to know it's fine to use the internet for games and education but the virtual friends they make are strangers and they should not meet them in real life.

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