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I always ask my buyers, “How long do you see yourself in this home? ” Almost all of my first time home buyers do not see themselves in their first home forever.

If these buyers don’t plan on keeping the property anyways, why not buy a property that will make more money?Here are some bullet points: Let me paint a perfect picture.Let’s suppose a young college student, Johnny, is considering buying his first home. Johnny knows he can’t afford a house by himself, so he looks at condos and townhomes for sale.However, Johnny can’t commit to buying anything because he doesn’t want to live there forever.His very smart real estate agent (hint, hint) tells him to make sure he buys a FHA warrantable condo and that his association will likely have restrictions if he chooses to rent the condo out in the future (see related blog).Recently, I was having lunch with my friends Rob Novak (fellow Loan Officer) and Andrew Norman from ING.

It was one of those lunches where topics moved left to right without filters or agenda.While sharing ideas and opinions of the current marketplace, the topic of first time home buyers was mentioned.At that moment, I told Andrew, “By the way, if any of your clients have children who are looking to buy their first home and would like to get more for their money, tell them to buy a multi-family.” From that statement, we started to discuss all the benefits of why a first time home buyer should buy a multi-family.Within a 2 minutes of talking about this, I wondered “Why didn’t I think of this earlier?!” FHA has always allowed buyers to use FHA financing to buy a multi-family as their primary residence. The buyer buys a duplex, triplex or four-plex with the same 3.5% down payment requirement as a house.They rent out the other units and cover the difference from the mortgage payment as their share.

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