Cambridge esol certificate of teaching english to adults

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Cambridge esol certificate of teaching english to adults

• You, an aspiring or already professing teacher of English who wants to obtain the internationally recognised Cambridge ESOL CELTA certificate to be able to teach with confidence English to non-native speakers in several countries around the world.

CELTA opens up a whole world of exciting teaching opportunities as it is recognised by EFL organisations world-wide and the certificate is the most highly respected of its kind in the world.Teaching practice is a major component of the CELTA course.It begins on the first day of the course and takes place every evening.Small groups of trainees (the maximum is six) obtain practical experience through working with classes at two different levels.Trainees initially teach for short periods of 30 minutes, one after the other. The programme is closely related to work done during the input sessions.Assessment is continuous throughout the course and is based on performance in teaching practice, the quality of lesson plans and accompanying materials, and the quality of the four written assignments submitted.

Successful candidates receive the Cambridge CELTA — Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults, awarded by the University of Cambridge, England.

The certificate states the grade received on the course.

The course tutors provide successful candidates with a written report detailing their performance on the course.

Input sessions are often held in the form of a workshop and usually involve trainee participation and group work, rather than note-taking from lectures.

Topics address the issues of language awareness, the learning/teaching context, planning, methodology, classroom management and areas of language analysis and presentation and professional development.

Trainees start planning their lessons with sufficient support from the course tutors, which is reduced towards the end of the course to encourage independent and autonomous planning.