Brabbins and fyffe dating sites

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Brabbins and fyffe dating sites

Apparently Ian Duncan Smith says those with degenerative diseases eg MS, Parkinsons's Disease etc are 'curable' and fit to work in the future.

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I'm glad when I fill out a form now that says 'United Kingdom' rather than 'Great Britain' because the 'Great' has long disappeared I'm afraid, because we are all being played as fools and allowing it to happen!We *are* fools because we have allowed ourselves to become manipulated in to thinking the vulnerable are somehow robbing everyone else, that immigrants are taking our jobs, Europe is about to invade us and whatnot!Well going to do the shouty caps again and rant: GET YOUR HEADS OUT OF YOUR BACKSIDES!!!!NO, YOU *CAN'T* TELL BY JUST LOOKING WHO IS 'SPONGING FROM THE STATE' OR WHO IS TRULY ILL/DISABLED!!!99.9 % OF IMMIGRANTS ARE HARD WORKING AND CONTRIBUTE ONE HELLUVA LOT TO OUR SOCIETY!!!!OK, I am now going to take a lot more notice of Reform.

The venue was stunning, the speeches were short (and actually relatively interesting) and, most importantly, the free booze was both varied and plentiful.Yes, it is that easy to get my attention—although buying my approval is another matter...The week began with news that Cilla Black had passed away at 72 years young.STOP BEING ARMCHAIR COMMENTATORS AND JUDGES OF PEOPLE YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW AND STOP THIS BLOODY MADNESS!! MY HEART IS BROKEN FOR ALL THE SUFFERING THAT IS HAPPENING NOW AND WILL INCREASE IN THE FUTURE.PEOPLE ARE *DYING* OUT THERE BECAUSE THEY HAVE *DARED* TO BECOME ILL/VULNERABLE!! THIS IS DEFINITELY EUTHANASIA BY STEALTH AND ECONOMICS!Ian Duncan Smith - thousands with degenerative conditions classified as fit to work in future, despite no possibility of improvement.

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