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"Nob and Nobility" is the third episode of the third series of the BBC sitcom Blackadder.

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He accepts, but instead of actually going to France takes the far safer course of going to Mrs.

Miggins' coffee house to find a French aristocrat willing to pretend he's been rescued.

Le Comte de Frou Frou agrees to pretend he was rescued.

When they arrive at the embassy, however, they are arrested by a revolutionary (Chris Barrie) who has assassinated the ambassador.

Blackadder, Frou Frou and Baldrick are put in a dungeon, but Frou Frou is later taken away by the revolutionary to be tortured.

With all of London enchanted by the escapades of the Scarlet Pimpernel, Edmund Blackadder makes a bet with the Prince that he can similarly rescue a nobleman from France.

As always, he has no intention of actually doing this, but instead devises a cunning plan of deceit.Blackadder has never had foreign tastes, but it has in this one, which is based around the French Revolution.A promising, original idea is once again translated well to the silver screen, and with gusto.The French Ambassador is very good in his role, as is the Comte de Frou Frou, and whilst Blackadder on death row is not a particularly original idea, this episode once again shows how he never gets irritated in any situation and is always cruel to those he is stuck with.The bit when Blackadder kicked the cat in the air is not exactly genius, but it is hilarious, and shows that we are in for another corker of an episode.Blackadder is very nasty to the French, but he hates everything and everyone, and this intelligently-written, very funny episode shall prove that fact even further.

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