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You can get a gist of their vocabulary acquisition by doing the writing task at the end of the worksheet and to have a writing mark for each student by collecting and correcting the dialogues they write.Another good idea is to record the dialogues and listen to them in class.

You’ll see it is a very rewarding experience as well as really profitable.

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Si alguien está interesado puede colaborar de muchas maneras incluso si alguien se anima a ir, bienvenido sea!

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Carme Porcel Cano, Spain Carme Porcel is a secondary school teacher at IES Abat Oliba, in Ripoll (Spain).

She has been teaching English for 20 years now and is specialized in working with films.

Great supporter of active, motivating and creative English classes.

E-mail: [email protected] Objectives When to use it Conclusion References Worksheet Using films in the English class is a very useful resource available to all teachers today thanks to DVDs and their audio and subtitle menus.

If you want MOTIVATION to visit your classroom all you need is a fun comedy, animated or adventure film and a bunch of meaningful exercises to work on new vocabulary, everyday expressions and to check students comprehension on what they have watched.

NOTE: This worksheet was created for Spanish-speaking students, but changing the translations it can be used with any other language speakers.\ You can use it any time you like doing something different and motivating or to take advantage of a lesson on first conditionals and superstitions.

First class : do the vocabulary exercises (1 to 3) in class.

A good way to do it is working in groups of 4 students and correct all together after all groups have finished.