Badoo dating site log in

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Badoo dating site log in

Hackers last year quietly stole a database containing the details of over 57 million people.The breach has only come to light this week, after the stolen data was put up for sale on the dark web.

Many cell phone numbers and Facebook usernames are also in the cache.Many of the email addresses in the leaked database are associated with major companies, like Apple, Twitter, and Google, as well as Western government departments and agencies.It comes just a day after a similar, yet unrelated breach of user data.A grey-hat hacker, who goes by the name Peace, obtained a copy of the stolen data from Russian hackers, and provided a number of files containing the breached data to ZDNet earlier this week.Security expert Troy Hunt, who runs breach notification site Have I Been Pwned, helped analyze and verify the data.Hunt found over 52.5 million unique emails in the cache, suggesting the vast majority of data has not been previously leaked.

But here's the twist: nobody can say for sure where the data came from.

Peace said in an encrypted chat that the data was stolen from a well-known dating site, Zoosk, which has more than 33 million users, by allegedly exploiting vulnerabilities in the website's outdated software. Peace then put the breached database -- about 4.6 gigabytes in size -- up for sale on a dark web marketplace for 0.8 bitcoins, which at the time of posting was about 0 per download.

Zoosk denied that it had been hacked after examining a sample of the cache, citing inconsistencies in the data.

"None of the full user records in the sample data set was a direct match to a Zoosk user," a spokesperson said in an emailed statement.

Although a fraction of the email addresses in the sample matched Zoosk accounts, the spokesperson said that this was likely attributable to using the same email on different sites, which many do.

Hunt reached out to some who were named in the breach.

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