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The surrounding site is named Pont d’Arc, “bridge arch” in French, thanks to its amazing natural stone arch, dug 400 000 years ago, after a long work, by the Ardèche river.The Ardèche gorges – south France, Rhône-Alpes department – are one of the best renowned west-European sites for canoeing, with a peaceful and intact 30 km long route inside a very scenic canyon.

More than one hundred thousand tourists pass every year under this arch, by canoe, kayak or doing the crawl, while one million by car travel along the Ardèche panoramic road (D290).After only 30 months of work, the opening of the Chauvet-Pont d’Arc cave to the public is scheduled for Saturday 25 April 2015: don’t miss it!It’s the largest cave replica ever built worldwide, ten times bigger than the Lascaux facsimile.All geological and archaeological features, such as paintings and engravings, are reproduced full-size in an underground environment identical to the original one.Visitors’ senses will be stimulated by the same sensations of silence, obscurity, temperature, humidity and acoustics, carefully reproduced.The Chauvet-Pont d’Arc cave was explored for the first time in December 1994 by the French spelunker Jean-Marie Chauvet, accompanied by two friends, Eliette Brunel and Christian Hilaire.

They opened a narrow hole and crawled along a passage.If it was not their first discovery – the tenth to be more precise – surely it was the most important: for a prehistoric cave seeker it was like hitting the jackpot.Aged 42, Chauvet had been exploring caves since he was a boy.As well as his job as cave watchman, during his free weekends he was performing a passionate and accurately planned search.Such a find was not at all fortuitous: he was looking for it.At this time the cave, hence named after its discoverer, was closed, having no entrance; the way-in had been naturally sealed since the prehistoric times by a collapsing cliff, some 21 thousands years ago, accordingly to later geological studies. Like the little girl who first saw the bisons painted upon the ceiling of the well known Spanish cave – ¡ Papá, mira, toros pintados!