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Match 1 or 0 times{n} Match exactly n times{n,} Match at least n times{n,m} Match at least n but not more than m times More Special Character Stuff\t tab (HT, TAB)\n newline (LF, NL)\r return (CR)\f form feed (FF)\a alarm (bell) (BEL)\e escape (think troff) (ESC)\033 octal char (think of a PDP-11)\x1B hex char\c[ control char\l lowercase next char (think vi)\u uppercase next char (think vi)\L lowercase till \E (think vi)\U uppercase till \E (think vi)\E end case modification (think vi)\Q quote (disable) pattern metacharacters till \EEven More Special Characters\w Match a "word" character (alphanumeric plus "_")\W Match a non-word character\s Match a whitespace character\S Match a non-whitespace character\d Match a digit character\D Match a non-digit character\b Match a word boundary\B Match a non-(word boundary)\A Match only at beginning of string\Z Match only at end of string, or before newline at the end\z Match only at end of string\G Match only where previous m//g left off (works only with /g) If you want to catch characters, as well european, russian, chinese, japanese, korean of whatever, just :- use mb_internal_encoding('UTF-8');- use preg_replace('`...`u', '...', $string) with the u (unicode) modifier For further information, the complete list of preg_* modifiers could be found at : not offset parameter to replace the string?It would be helpfulexample:mixed preg_replace (mixed $pattern, mixed $replacement, mixed $subject [, int $limit = -1 [, int & $count [, int $offset = 0]]]) 1 $pattern2 $replacement 3 $subject4 $limit5 $count 6 $offset If you have issues where preg_replace returns an empty string, please take a look at these two ini parameters:pcre.backtrack_limitpcre.recursion_limit The default is set to 100K.

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This code must convert numeric html entities to utf8. It treats wrong codes starting with � The reason is that code2utf will be called with leading zero, exactly what the pattern matches - code2utf(039). I know you can find a lot of similar content on the web, but this one is simple, fast and robust.Don't simply use the built-in functions like strip_tags(), they dont work so good.Careful however, this is not a correct validation of a string ; you should use additional functions like mysql_real_escape_string and filter_var, as well as custom tests before putting a submission into your database.I have been filtering every userinput with preg_replace since 6 Years now and nothing happened.I am running PHP 5.6.6 and because of historical reasons I still do not use mysqli.Maps community, With the Views website now offline, today marks the beginning of an exciting new adventure for those who enjoy sharing great, geotagged imagery.

Effective today, you’re now gaining:• More exposure for your new Maps profile (see “Contributions” from the maps.side menu)• More exposure for all photo spheres you associate with Maps listings• Better integration with the rest of Google Maps In the very near term, we’ll also be:• Displaying the total number of published images in your account• Showing your total view count• Adding more ways to publish and geotag images And of course, we are working to deliver you additional useful tools in the near and longer term.Thank you for your patience during this transition.We’re very excited for the many improvements in store! Opening parentheses are counted from left to right (starting from 1) to obtain the number of the capturing subpattern.To use backslash in replacement, it must be doubled ( PHP string).When working with a replacement pattern where a backreference is immediately followed by another number (i.e.: placing a literal number immediately after a matched pattern), you cannot use the familiar Because i search a lot 4 this: The following should be escaped if you are trying to match that character\ ^ . { } , Special Character Definitions\ Quote the next metacharacter^ Match the beginning of the line.

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